Routing/Shipment Information

At Putzmeister America, Inc. (Putzmeister), we strive to control inventory and transportation costs to enhance customer value. As a result, listed below are instructions for all shipments from a Putzmeister vendor when Putzmeister is responsible for the freight charges. These instructions do not apply if the vendor is responsible for the freight charges and ships freight prepaid.

  1. Vendors to ship to Putzmeister America - freight collect unless in product price.
  2. Vendor to ship to other vendors – freight third party billing to Putzmeister America, 1733 90th St. Sturtevant, WI 53177. On LTL and TL shipments for vendor to vendor, the bill of lading should reflect the vendor as the shipper with the third party instructions on the bill of lading.
  3. There should be no exceptions without prior approval of Putzmeister America. Please document whose approval given if not by the Putzmeister transportation manager.
  4. Send ground parcel shipments via Fed Ex Ground (preferred) or UPS ground (secondary), freight collect, using Putzmeister’s account numbers. Please contact the the factory for account information.
  5. If packages are of parcel size and weight and total shipment is between 150 and 300 lbs. actual weight, ship via Fed Ex - ground. Ship all packages via LTL and not Fed Ex or UPS when any single package in the shipment has its length and girth combined exceed 130 inches.
  6. It is assumed the shipper is familiar with UPS and Fed Ex-Ground rules regarding size, weight and service regulations particularly oversize dimension categories and dimensional weight classifications. Oversize 1 and 2 category packages must be entered as such in your shipping systems prior to actual shipment. Corrections by Fed Ex and UPS will be charged back to the vendor.
  7. Send airfreight less than 150 lbs. via Fed Ex if size allows.
  8. Vendor is to describe less than truckload freight on bills of lading using the appropriate National Motor Freight Classification item description. If you do not know, contact Putzmeister Traffic.
  9. Contact Putzmeister Traffic for routing at least 24 hours in advance under the following conditions:
    1. Shipment is 6 pallets or more, or
    2. Air shipment over 150 lbs. Or if over 130” in length and girth or over 108” in any one dimension, or
    3. Same Day air shipment, or
    4. Dedicated express truck shipments requiring special equipment like flatbeds or drop decks, or
    5. Total weight of shipment exceeds 8,000 lbs.

10. Vendors may be billed back all freight charges for failure to follow these routing instructions.

LTL Routing

  1. Use FedEx Freight Economy service collect for intrastate Wisconsin LTL shipments.
  2. Use FedEx Freight Economy service collect for all interstate LTL shipments.
  3. Use FedEx Freight Priority service collect for interstate Hot Rush shipments that do not need to go airfreight


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